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Making the decision to live in the Lower Fl Keys is just the beginning.


Searching for the Perfect Property can be an involved and tedious process.


To HELP you navigate through these property searches, I have set up quick search icons. The Icons give you property breakouts based on Price points and Areas for Key West property for sale. There is also an add to email feature—whereby if you let me know what you are looking for, I will set up an automated email program that will send you listings per your parameters on a daily basis.

Key West is both a place and a state of mind. It lies about as far away as you can go in this USA, almost part of the tropics, some four hours and 150 miles south and west of Miami. You cross a lot of bridges and spectacular blue and green water to get there, and when you get there you’re only 90 miles from Cuba. Cruise ships consider a stop at Key West part of their Caribbean itineraries!

It’s not a big place, and it is a place where real people live.


It has a year-round population of just over 29,000 and a median resident age of 39 years. Key West also includes the neighboring communities of Stock Island, where a lot of the remaining commercial fishing is based, and which used to be where Key West’s supplies were “stocked” in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and Key Haven, with wide canals and lots of pleasure boats.

Key West has been described in about a zillion travel guides and Web sites and the name used in countless movies as the place people want to finally get away to. For help finding Key West Property for sale please contact me

The best way to describe Key West is a vacation place. Meaning whenever you’re there, the ambiance and atmosphere catch you up in it and you could well be somewhere in the Bahamas or the Caribbean.


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